St Patrick's Catholic Church


Soho Square

Join us for this year’s Advent Mission from the 5 to the 7 December. At this time of year, our parish is full of people making their way to Oxford Street for Christmas shopping, or to restaurants, pubs and clubs for Christmas parties. We want to offer them an alternative vision of life, meeting Jesus in the Eucharist and coming to understand more about the Church. We need help over the weekend, and it would be great if you were able to spare some time.

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Parish News

St Leonard of Porto Maurizio

Today we celebrate the Memorial of a little known saint, Leonard of Porto Maurizio. Leonard was born in Porto Maurizio in 1676, the son of a master mariner. He joined the Franciscan order and for forty-seven years preached, wrote letters and sermons, and travelled the...

St Catherine of Alexandria

Legends coming from a number of sources say that St Catherine was very outspoken at the time of the persecutions of Christians. She even protested openly to the emperor Maxentius who had her arrested, tortured on the wheel and decapitated in 305. St Catherine’s...