St Patrick's Catholic Church

Soho Square

The Bible timeline Course

The Bible Timeline Course
in St Patrick’s Soho, parish centre.

Starts: Monday, 1st October 2018 @7pm


This is your opportunity to grasp the big picture of the Bible, once and for all, for life!

The Bible Timeline study system, by Jeff Cavins, is the fastest growing Catholic Bible Study in the world – and for a reason!

Using the Bible Timeline chart, we’ll divide the whole Bible into 12 periods – which will be easier to read, understand and memorise.

Sessions are EVERY OTHER MONDAY @7pm: a gentle pace to give you the time to do the necessary Bible reading in between.

The 13 SESSIONS of the course are on these dates:

Monday 01.10.18 – Introduction to the Bible Timeline
Monday 15.10.18 – Period 1: Early World
Monday 29.10.18 – Period 2: Patriarchs
Monday 12.11.18 – Period 3: Egypt & Exodus
Monday 26.11.18 – Period 4: Desert Wanderings
Monday 10.12.18 – Period 5: Conquest & Judges
Monday 14.01.19 – Period 6: Royal Kingdom
Monday 28.01.19 – Period 7: Divided Kingdom
Monday 11.02.19 – Period 8: Exile
Monday 25.02.19 – Period 9: Return
Monday 11.03.19 – Period 10: Maccabean Revolt
Monday 25.03.19 – Period 11: Messianic Fulfilment
Monday 08.04.19 – Period 12: The Church

TIME: 6:30pm for Refreshments | 7pm to 9pm: Sessions | 9pm: Social

Mobile | WhatsApp: Mauro Iannicelli: 07717468441

Come & see if this is for you. You are free to stay or free to go! 🙂

• LIVE teachings (no DVDs), based on the 12 chapters of the book “Walking with God” by Jeff Cavins & Tim Gray.

• The course is free of charge. However, every guest must purchase the Bible Timeline Chart (£4) at the registration desk.
To have a better experience, we encourage the guests to buy the above book “Walking with God” (Ascension Press) – although this is not mandatory.

• Social time after every session.  An opportunity to meet new, like-minded people


The Organisers: Mauro Iannicelli and Janet Joseph