Wedding 1

Congratulations on your decision to marry! May God bless you on your wedding day and give you the grace to dedicate your lives to each other. Below, you will find all the information you need about preparing for your special day.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Those who wish to get married at St Patricks or parishioners who wish to marry outside the parish need to meet with the parish priest before making any arrangements.  The diocese of Westminster insists upon 6 months’ notice being given to  the parish that the Catholic belongs.  If you are not a parishioner of St Patricks Soho, but choose to get married at St Patrick’s you must contact your own parish priest who is responsible for preparation and the ecclesiastical paperwork. He needs to give permission for you to be married in another parish which is not your own, for instance St Patrick’s. Until that has happened St Patrick’s Soho cannot take any bookings.  The Parish Priest on first meeting will be able to talk through the practical arrangements, namely the actual celebration, flowers, music (normally organised through our choir – Breda Mckinney and Stefan Bednarcyzk) and the costs.  For those who are parishioners, normally understood as someone who lives within the parish boundaries of St Patrick or comes on a weekly basis to Mass, please contact the Parish Priest in person.