First Confession

My children, we cannot comprehend the goodness of God towards us in instituting this great Sacrament of Penance. If we had had a favour to ask of Our Lord, we should never have thought of asking Him that. But He foresaw our frailty and our inconstancy in well-doing, and His love induced Him to do what we should not have dared to ask.

St Jean-Marie Vianney, Catechism on Confession


For children or adults who have never been to Confession (Sacrament of Reconciliation/Penance), it is advisable to make an appointment for catechetical classes with the parish priest. For those who are already baptised but wishing to receive either First Holy Communion or Confirmation, it is necessary that you first receive the Sacrament of Penance.

If you have not received the Sacrament for several years, do not be afraid! The priest is there to help. When you go to Confession, simply tell the priest that it has been a long time and ask him for guidance.