Night Shelter

Offering Mercy

Friday Winter Night Shelter

Please join us in the 4th year of this mission to the homeless.

Each Friday in February through to the end of May 2018, running 4 shifts so that you do not have to stay all the time if you cannot, we will host 15 guests, overnight, downstairs in the hall.


We will socialise, have dinner and spend time with our guests.

A few of us stay overnight and have breakfast with our guests.

Last year 63 homeless people used the service, with 39 guests moving into accommodation. 11 guests began paid employment and 6 were reconnected to relatives in their country of origin

This is an incredibly vital and rewarding mission which is great fun to be part of, with our guests and with our team.


As volunteers we ourselves are blessed simply by taking part.

You can cook, set up tables, meet and greet, serve food, chat,

Or wash up and, most importantly, have a smile for our guests.

To join the team, or just find out more,

please contact Mike:

Volunteer sign up sheet, please click on the link below:

Please pray for our guests.