Scarborough Mission Days 8 & 9 – The Last Days

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Yesterday we started the day with Mass and a Holy hour at St. Peter’s before we took to the streets for some sightseeing and street evangelisation. We walked through the grounds of the castle and saw the wonderful water down below us. It was a beautiful view although a little misty.  After some lovely conversations with the public of Scarborough and a lot of...

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Scarborough Mission Day 5

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After a lovely assembly at St. Augustine’s with Year 9’s we headed back to St. Peter’s for Mass after which we enjoyed some tea, coffee and cake with some of the parishioners. Once we had had plenty of tea and cake Father William and Jennie drove us, accompanied by David, to Whitby! The scenery was beautiful with lots of green hills and trees. Upon...

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Scarborough Mission Day 4 – Hull Faith Forum

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This evening two of us travelled over to Hull to participate in a young adults group, Hull Faith Forum, which meet on a regular basis and discuss different Faith issues. We spent the travelling time to Hull praying the Joyful mysteries of the Rosary as it is the Solemnity of the Annunciation today. When we arrived in Hull we were warmly greeted by some of the...

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Scarborough Mission Day 3

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Our third day on mission we started with an assembly in St. Augustine’s high school. Lukas our honorary SPES member prepared an amazing presentation explaining about our Evangelisation school. We were able to present our programme to year eleven and Hannah shared her testimony with the pupils. Her face radiated the joy she was speaking about.  After that we...

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Scarborough Mission Day 2

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We awoke after a nice rest in our new homes for the week. Some of us had a nice family Sunday breakfast where we chatted to the family and learnt more about them. First we went to Mass at St Joseph’s Church where we spoke to the congregation about what we will be doing all week. After Mass we spoke to some of the parishioners and felt blessed by all the...

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Scarborough Mission Day 1

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Today we journeyed to Scarborough to start our parish mission here. We left relatively late for a SPES outing (about half 11) and after a four hour train journey and a change over, we arrived in Scarborough at half 3. When we arrived we had a welcome party waiting for us and it was also snowing! We were driven by the parishioners to the parish centre and were given...

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Today we had a wonderful lecture from Wisam on the meaning of Lent.  Lent is a time to draw nearer to God as we renounce sin. It is a period that should be an opportunity for second conversion, to grow closer to Christ and we can do this in certain ways: fasting, prayer and almsgiving. Sin is an abuse of the freedom that God gives to each created person. God created...

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A Beautiful Wedding

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Zygmunt and Pascal Mary’s wedding today was a very fitting end to our Theology of the Body week. Weddings always mean that young ladies get to raid their closets and we had a lot of fun last night raiding, not just our own, but the wardrobes of five others. We were delighted to share this special day with both of them, especially since we met Zyg only four...

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Pure in Heart

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Pure in Heart is an organisation with a charism of chastity and an apostolic mission which gives talks to young people on topics such as purity.  Conal, who is a regular at events held at St. Patrick’s, used to be on the Pure in Heart mission team in Ireland and now volunteers for Pure in Heart London. Chastity is a virtue, a way of life, and a way of learning how...

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Alliance of Pro-Life Students (APS)

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Eve Farren, the director of the Alliance of Pro-life Students (APS) came to speak to us this morning about the work of APS.  Some of us, having been to the “March for Life” in Birmingham last year, had heard her speak and knew a little bit about the wonderful work of this organisation, so were very excited to meet her and to learn more.  APS is an organisation that...

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